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Q: We just rescued a 6-month-old puppy from our local animal shelter. He isn't housebroken and I don't know what to do. My kids think crate training the dog is mean, but I just can’t have him messing up the whole house. Help!
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Q: I think my dog is lonely. My neighbor says she cries and barks all day while I'm at work. Should I get her another dog or a cat as a companion?
A: First of all, let’s talk about “crates.” Crates encourage your dog's natural instincts to sleep in a den, and as such, are one ... Read More
A: Hmmm. This may not solve the problem you actually have.
First, a determination must be made as to why your dog is... Read More
Q: I am so frustrated with my neighbors and their cats. The cats use my
flower bed as a litter box, chase the birds away from my bird feeders, and make a nuisance of themselves yowling all night long. I have spoken to my neighbors about their cats, but they just shrug it off and tell me that "cats will be cats." Is there anything I can do?
A: Despite what many outdoor-cat owners believe, they are indeed
responsible for the behavior of their pets. Cats are territorial, but their
territories often extend beyond their owners' property... Read More
Q: We just moved into a new house and our 4 year old cat is driving us crazy. He is not using his litterbox. Instead, he urinates on our bed and in our laundry basket, sometimes right while I'm in the room! Help!
A: First, you should have your cat examined by your veterinarian in order to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with him. Once you have ruled out a medical reason for the inappropriate... Read More
" We change our pets’ diets, classes, schedules and routines—and our furred and feathered friends rarely complain. I think there is a lesson in there for us all.”
-Julie Bond
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