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Pet Education & Training Services
In Person. Online. On the Phone. We’re here for you.
" The concept of change is often difficult for us humans. Our pets, on the other hand, are much better at coping with it.”
-Julie Bond
If you’re a Veterinarian in the San Francisco Bay area:
Feel free to schedule an in-person consultation with Julie at your hospital. 
Or call us at 925-818-3938.

If you’re a pet owner in search of a little 
understanding (and a lot of help):
Email us at [email protected], or call us at 
925-818-3938 to set up a time to discuss your situation.
I began working with Julie in 2003, when my puppy’s challenging behavior problems (dominance/aggression, leash pulling, jumping) were not effectively handled by dog trainers/obedience alone.

As a behaviorist, Julie first worked with me to understand my puppy's behavior, taught me effective, positive strategies tailored to my dog's temperament and my lifestyle, and even consulted with my veterinarian.

I found Julie to be both candid and compassionate– 
a refreshing approach that made training even my 
obedience school “drop-out” practical. Within a few consultations, Julie not only strengthened my 
relationship with my dog, but instilled in me the 
confidence and “know how” to respond to my 
dog’s training/behavior needs long-term. Over the years, 
and two additional dogs later, I have continued to work with Julie – I can’t imagine choosing or training a dog without her. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants a well-behaved and happy dog!

Alexa L.
Walnut Creek, CA
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